Monday, February 23, 2009

1) Why is Parenting not an advertised job ?

Because there will be no applicants! Why? Because applicants will not like the job profile.

No pay,no perks,no bonus,no overtime wages. No fixed hours. No week-ends off, no holidays in the year, no annual vacations. No job description. Yet all tasks are to be carried out diligently: a) Providing funds, with no limits b) Feeding the children c) Cleaning and dressing them d) Nursing them to health when they are ill,with several visits to the doctors, and many sleepless nights e) Teaching and training them in different activities, from potty training to table manners f) encouraging and counseling them g) disciplining them, when necessary h) setting an example in thought, word and deed- day in and day out.( Please add to the list, if I have missed some tasks)

No certificates,medals of honor or trophies. Chances are that there might be no 'thank you' or any compensation from the children.

With such a profile would there be takers ??

Yet most couples become parents at some stage in their lives, having children of their own or through adoption. Why does this happen ? Is it crazy to become a parent when the odds are stacked against us ?

What do you think ?