Saturday, September 15, 2012

116) Learn Lessons - Sacrificing for children

"I'll always be there for you. I hope you know." Helen M. Exley

In the last post (115), we referred to the courage of children, citing two stories from the many that came to us from the earthquake in China in May 2008. Here are two more, but this time, on the courage and sacrifice of parents.

1) A 3/4 month-old baby was rescued with no injuries. How did it happen? His mother bent over him to shield him from falling debris and continued to nurse him until she died. A cellphone found on the child, carried the message: "Dear child, if you survive please remember that mom loves you forever".
2) Song Xinying (3) was pulled out of the rubble after two days. She survived, but lost a leg. Her parents who formed an arch over her, to save her from falling rubble, died in the act.

Let us pay a silent tribute to those selfless and sacrificing parents.
We may not be called upon to give up our lives for our children, but invited to make big and small sacrifices for them, sometimes surrendering our pet dreams for them. We may be persuaded, by circumstances, to make sacrifices in money, time and effort. At such times, do we act grudgingly? Do we hold back, even a little? Do we complain? Do we tell our children of the sacrifices we made and expect them to make good? The noble deeds of the Chinese parents should inspire to go beyond the ordinary, to attain celestial heights. The motto of Helen M. Exley should become ours.