Saturday, April 14, 2012

110) Learn Lessons - Lend a helping hand

"You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you." John Wooden

The Economist of March 31, 2012, carried an insightful article. Lyn Lusi (62) died in the Congo after a life time of service. Under the banner of HEAL - Health, Education, Action, Love - she reached out to the raped/abused women and the traumatized children of the Congo. Her husband, a local, performed surgeries to mend broken bones. Together, they worked wonders, bringing hope where there was despair, strength where there was weakness and healing where there many many wounds of body and mind. They worked tirelessly, sparing no time, effort or expense. We can salute in admiration!

Can we stop at that? Should we not ask ourselves what we do with our lives besides making money, advancing our careers and seeking popularity? Do we reach out? Not in the big way Lyn Lusi did, but in small ways? Is our neighbor happy to meet us because we genuinely care, and not pretend concern? Is that distant cousin who is without a job pleased when we make sincere inquiries and offer practical suggestions, and not offer casual advice? Is the old lady, sick for months, in the next block, really happy to have us visit her and share our concern for her health and well being? Unless we care, how will our children care? From whom will they learn to lend a shoulder to a classmate who has lost a parent, help a slow learner without showing off, keep company of an acquaintance who is feeling homesick and lonely? We cannot end a perfect day without reaching out; so too our children.