Tuesday, November 12, 2013

130) Learn Lessons - To set a direction

"If you don't know where you are going, you'll probably end up someplace else."  Lawrence J. Peter

Albert Einstein was traveling by train from Princeton when the conductor came checking tickets. The scientist could not find his ticket. The conductor recognizing the traveler assured him that he did not have to worry and moved on. But Einstein kept looking for his ticket. Seeing that, the conductor returned and reassured him that there was no problem, he could continue to travel. But the scientist, in dismay, said that the problem was that he did not know where he was going to; he needed the ticket to find out his travel destination.

The great scientist had a spell of forgetfulness - which could be excused. But how about us? Do we know where we are headed? Do our children know where they are going? Often, in our passion to get ahead, we forget our direction, our destination. As a result much of our effort is dissipated. We chase the wrong shadows. Unless we and our children are sure of the direction we must take, our lives will be a sorry tale. Early in life our little ones should be shown the direction of being good persons - full of love for God and fellows; compassionate, sharing, forgiving and understanding. And not chase money, fame, pleasure and possessions. In themselves these goals pose no problem; but when we and our children get attached to them, they take over and make us slaves. That is the problem.