Friday, December 13, 2013

131) Learn Lessons - To express love

"When there is no love, put love and there you will find love." Saint John of the Cross.

At a nursing home for the aged, a deeply despondent old woman sat day after day on her creaking rocking chair, rocking herself to boredom. She would not speak to anyone or ask for any form of help. Watching her a wise young nurse decided to do something. She pulled up a chair and just sat beside the old woman. Not a word was exchanged. They just sat for a time. The nurse smiled at the old woman as she left. The routine continued for months. On Christmas Day, as the nurse was leaving, the old woman whispered: "Thank You", and smiled at the nurse. The unspoken act of love of the nurse put a spark into the life of the old woman. After that she began to mix with others in the home.

Do we express love to those at home, who need such affirmation - an old parent who feels unloved; a child who feels alone even in the company of others; a spouse who feels neglected? Do we spot a similar problem in the work place? In the neighborhood? We are busy with our own thoughts and plans, that we do not make time for others - to lift them out of their sadness. If only we tried, we would be surprised at the kind of response we get. Our children, watching us bring light into the dark world of others, will try to do something similar for other children who need help. Inspired by our powerful example they would bring warmth into the cold lives of others. And as they grow, they will make a difference to others, much to their delight and edification of others.

With Christmas - the feast of goodwill - a few days away, can we make a beginning?

Let me wish you and your family a peace-filled and blessed Christmas and an eventful 2014!