Thursday, November 29, 2012

118) Learn Lessons - Making sense of God

"And be sure, in joys or trials, God is there!"  Cleo King.

A cynic, sitting under a huge nut-bearing tree, holds a monologue with God: Such a huge tree has such small nuts and a slender creeper bears a huge water melon. Is that not disproportionate, he asks God? Just as he concludes his question, a nut from the tree falls on his head. The cynic, in relief, says: "Thank God that was not a water melon".

There is profound wisdom in the ways of God. What seems senseless to us now, turns out to be full of sense in the long run (thankfully the cynic did not have to wait for long to find out). In our finite intelligence we are not able to comprehend Infinite wisdom, just as we cannot empty the ocean with our cupped hands. A five-year-old cannot understand atomic physics, but the fact that he does not understand it, does not make it a lie. Unless we come to terms with our limitations, we will at opposite ends with God. Such thinking that we needlessly adopt does harm to our children. They have to look up to God and find in Him a loving Father who cares for them even when things don't seem to go right. There is a purpose in what happens and the truth will be revealed to us in time. That confidence the child should have - which can be given only by us. When we fail to instil in the child faith in God and an abiding love for him, we fail in one of our basic duties.

Cleo king's assurance should be the staff to lead us and our children on our way.