Tuesday, June 19, 2012

113) My Latest Book- Life Lessons- Just Out

Have just published my fourth book, "Life Lessons- A Christian Sharing". It is available at all the St.Pauls Book Stores and Pauline Media Centres in India. For a complete listing of stores see the link at the bottom of this post. ( Price: Rs.130 ). If you are outside India ( Price: US$ 8.95 ) do contact me directly to purchase a copy at ignatiusfernandez@gmail.com and I will arrange to reach a copy to you.

Below is a review of the book. Hope you like the book.

Published by St. Pauls, Mumbai. Copies available at all book centers of Saint Paul/ Pauline Book Shops in the country.
To the jaded eye, the title of the book 'Life Lessons - A Christian Sharing' may not bode well. Clearly, most of us are increasingly wary of being lectured to or taught any lessons; let alone life lessons! But this book shares a message that undoubtedly merits attention. 
A compilation of articles written by speaker, author, blogger and admittedly a proud Christian, Ignatius Fernandez, this book, like a ‘Best of the Best’ music album, delights and delivers at the same time.   
One of the reasons why this book works is that almost every page is punctuated with questions that prompt some level of soul-searching. Some questions tread softly. Some confront. But they continually strengthen the case that the author is trying to build. And thankfully, this is not a case built on convoluted arguments or long-winded analysis. In a series of clear, concise and convincing articles, the author shares his view of Jesus’ teachings as life lessons to be cherished and acted on.
In an age of diminishing attention spans, brevity is always welcome. But in this book, it does not come from glossing over essentials. Thumbing through virtually any page yields rich dividends.
Grounding ideals to real life is not easy. But with apt anecdotes, a liberal dose of personal experience and practical advice, the author helps readers apply the life lessons to real life situations. So alongside insights into praise, forgiveness and sharing, you will also come across insights into refreshingly everyday concerns – managing money, making your marriage work and disciplining children effectively. And it is obvious that the author has spent some time thinking about these concerns.
A compilation of articles, written over time and for different publications, runs the risk of being disjointed. But in this case, the logical grouping of articles under specific themes unifies the message.
Not to be missed!

Reviewed by R. F. IVAN. (MA ; MBA, living for the last 10 years in Sydney, Australia and working for a large American Consulting Company. He is an author, painter and violinist.)

List of Distributors St Pauls


My earlier book "Through the Eye of A Needle" is now available at the following book stores.

Through the Eye of a Needle: Transforming Relationships by Ignatius Fernandez

A book about building meaningful and enduring relationships - with God, self, wife, husband, child, old parent, friend and colleague.

Copies now available at the following book stores in Chennai

·      Good Pastor International Book Centre
63 Armenian Street (St Mary’s Church campus), Parrys Corner, Chennai 600 001. Tel: 044-25388547

·      CLS Book Shop
68 Evening Bazaar Road, Park Town, Chennai 600 003. Tel: 044-25354296

·      ELS Book Shop
95-A Vepery High Road (near Veterinary College), Chennai 600 007. Tel: 044-25323231

·      ELS Book Shop
Purusawalkam (opposite Doveton Cafe), Chennai 600 007. Tel: 044-26422722

·      Santhome Book Shop (Santhome Cathedral campus)
Mylapore, Chennai 600 004. Tel: 044-65465248

Copies now available at the following book stores in Bangalore

·      Pauline Book and Media centre
21 Museum Rd, Next to St.Patrick's Church
Richmond Town Bangalore 560 025
Tel: 080 2558 7106; 2532 7773

·      Gangarams Book Bureau
72 MG Rd,Bangalore 560 001
Tel: 2558 1617/18; 2558 6189

·      CLS Bookshop
"The Estate" Ground Floor,Rear Block
Next to Manipal Centre
121 Dickenson Rd
Bangalore 560 042
Tel: 2558 2729

·      OM Books Retail
4th Main Rd,3rd Block
Above Kammanahalli FoodWorld
Kalyan Nagar Kammanahalli
Bangalore 560 043

 A review of the book is below:

Saturday, June 9, 2012

112) Learn Lessons - Lending a helping hand

After the verb 'to love', 'to help' is the most beautiful verb in the world.  Bertha Von Suttner

We arrived from Sydney at Changi Airport, Singapore, With some difficulty I lifted off the belt one suitcase weighing 32 kilos. Suddenly, a young man arrived at my side and placed the heavy suitcase on the trolley. He also picked up our small bag off the belt and put it on the trolley. I had not seen this young man before. From his conduct I could tell that he just wanted to help a stranger. I was edified, even as I thanked him profusely.

How is it with us? Do we reach out to strangers? To those who need help, but do not ask for it? When we are blinkered in our view and see only what concerns us, we will miss opportunities to lend a helping hand. On the contrary, when we are all-embracing and willing to reach out to those in trouble, our children will learn from us and offer to help teachers, classmates, friends and us at home. The fabric is only as good as the thread that goes into the weave. Likewise, the family is only as good as the values that bind it.