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"The child is father of the man" is a line taken from William Wordsworth's short poem 'Rainbow'. He writes of his childhood fascination for rainbows,which stays with him in his adult life. Habits formed in childhood continue into adulthood. What the child is, the man will become, is the poet's refrain. So, forming the right habits in children is a huge responsibility for parents. This blog is an attempt to share with you 38 years of parenting experience - warts and all - and the insights gained through lapses, repentance and reform.

About Getting the Best out of this Blog

You will find my latest posts on the Home page. I've included quite a few little stories and quotes under Parenting snippets- ideal for you to strike up a conversation, invite ideas, build on. The Useful Resources page gives a list of several books categorized by Need areas. I will keep updating this list and soon include links to other websites and blogs.There's also a Guest Articles page - readers of the blog send me articles they've written and I include some of them here that I think you may find useful. And finally under Books By the Author there's a list of books I've already written and published and pre-order options for books I'm currently working on. Will soon have eBook versions of most of the books on there. Watch for free Chapters.

About Me

Ignatius Fernandez married to Mabel for 40 years.We have 4 grown sons. With their wives, who are daughters to us,we have 8 children and 7 grandchildren. After God, family is Top Priority.
Senior Manager for over 30 years. Later Professor of Management Studies and Corporate Trainer for over 13 years. Now a writer in the sensitive area of Relationship- Building. My last book was titled: THROUGH THE EYE OF A NEEDLE. Have written a series of 12 articles on Parenting for a popular magazine.My next book "The Child is Father of the Man" is due out soon.Watch for updates.