Monday, April 11, 2011

95) Teach children lessons - "How can I help?"

"Help your brother's boat across and lo! your own has reached the shore." Hindu Proverb

Sylvia Hill, with a degree in counseling and extensive managerial experience, shines shoes at the Boston Airport. Travelers get their shoes shined by her as she engages them in conversation. Some are touched by her warmth and her cheerful ways that they share their load of problems with her. Using her experience in counseling, she offers them a few tips. They get back to tell her that her suggestions helped. She said that she opted out of a Corporate career to reach out to people who are heavily burdened. "I didn't want to just come to the airport and shine shoes. I wanted to provide service to people, and wanted to make a difference."

Caught up in our own lives, we seldom ask the question: How can I help? When we are obsessed with our lives, our children will think and act likewise - shunning every opportunity to reach out to others. It is time we made a difference to others, to our children and to ourselves.