Wednesday, November 11, 2009

63) Unsung Heroes (3)

"It is a peg big enough on which to hang a hope, for every child born into this world, is an ever fresh and radiant possibility." Kate Douglas Wiggin

Some children light a fire by their deeds and let others bask in its warmth.

1) The Pastor and his eleven year old son made the rounds in their town, distributing Gospel Literature, every Sunday afternoon. One Sunday it was very cold and raining heavily - not the time to step out. But the boy was dressed and ready. The Pastor was reluctant, because of the bad weather. Eager to do what he did every Sunday, the boy begged his father to let him do the rounds alone. For two hours he roamed the streets distributing Gospel Tracts. Now he was completely wet and cold to the bone. With the streets deserted, he wondered to whom he would give the last copy. On an impulse, he decided to knock on the first door he saw. He knocked and rang the door bell. No one answered. Perhaps there was no one at home, he figured, and wanted to leave. Something told him to try again. He kept knocking the door and ringing the bell, until an old lady opened the door. He gave her the last Gospel Tract and a message that Jesus loved her.

The next Sunday, at Church, an old lady stood up to give testimony. She began by saying that she had not been to that Church before. Then she narrated her story. Her husband died leaving her all alone. She felt desperate and unwanted. There was much sadness in her heart. To put an end to it, she decided to put an end to her life. So, she went up to the attic, wanting to hang herself. That was when she heard the incessant knocking on the door and ringing of the door bell. She wondered who it could be, since no one visited her. Reluctantly, she came down to check. At the door she saw a sweet little boy with an angelic smile telling her that Jesus loved her. After he left, she read every word of the Gospel Tract, which the boy gave her. Slowly she made her way up to the attic and took down the rope she put up a few minutes ago, to hang herself. Now she would not need it. She decided to live because Jesus loved her; Jesus cared, she was sure. There was not a dry eye in the Church as the old lady completed her testimony. The Pastor's tears did not go unnoticed - he was holding his son in a tight embrace and weeping uncontrollably.
Some children become heroes, without wanting to be so.

2) Chen Gaonian, in China, was only 12 in 1984, when his mother was afflicted with Myelitis (inflammation of the spinal chord). Even with school and chores at home, he made time to care for his ailing mother. He has been doing that ever since she fell ill. Now, married, and father of a boy, he understands filial duties better. Living in the same town, but at a little distance from his mother's home, he visits her three times a week to give her massages and to comfort her in her pain. Doctors maintain, that it is the son's love and care that kept the mother in better health and alive, all these years. He was given the 'Star of Filial Piety and Respect for the Elderly' Award, by the Government in 2006. He prefers to remain unsung, caring for his beloved mother.

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