Thursday, August 26, 2010

82) Teach children lessons using stories - Is There Love ?

"Love cures people - both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it."
Karl Menninger

A prison in Brazil ran a special project. Instead of treating prisoners harshly and violently, they decided on treating them with kindness and concern. At first the prisoners were suspicious, because no one had treated them well before. But the jail authorities continued undeterred in their attempts to reach out to the prisoners and treat them with some dignity. In time, the inmates realized that it was for real and dropped their guard to return smiles with smiles; kindness with kindness. As the project reached an advanced stage, the Warden decided to entrust prison security to a prisoner who was serving a life sentence. Everyone was shocked. But the Warden had faith in the prisoner and in his project. The prisoner faithfully carried out his responsibilities. When the media heard of this unusual experiment, they queried the
prisoner: Now that you are in charge of security and serving a life sentence, why don't you run away? The prisoner replied promptly: Who can run away from love?

Parents need to ask themselves the same question: Who can run away from love? We read and hear of children running away from home. Some who want to do it, but do not dare to carry out their plans, stay back, unhappy at the way things are. Children are quick to see through the motions that parents go through in their parenting. They recognize the ones burning with love from the ones who do not make serious attempts to master parenting. And they are confounded. It is not that there are perfect parents; but there are parents who try to be perfect and those who do not try enough. And when children find that love is wanting, they want to go where love will be plentiful - perhaps outside the home, they believe. It is up to us to fill the void that children feel.


  1. should serve as a lesson to those who need stick to descipline children and frget that even animals also understand the language of luv then why cant their own children understand them....THINK OVER

  2. Thank you Vidha..glad you found it thought provoking. God Bless, Ignatius