Friday, October 29, 2010

84) Teach children lessons - Conviction

"A man is a saint when he stands for his convictions." Peter Marshall.

One evening, a young Traffic Cop pulled up a vehicle for a traffic offense. The driver stepped out of the vehicle and introduced himself as a Senior Police Official. He expected the young Cop to salute him and let him go. Instead, the young man wrote out a ticket and gave it to the stunned Officer with the words: "Sir, you should be proud that you have an honest Cop on the Force".

What would we have done in that situation? What do we teach our children to do in such situations. The easy way out is to flow with the tide. To make compromises. To do what keeps us out of trouble, even if it means doing something wrong. Do our children stand up for what they believe in? They will do it, if we do it. When conviction leads the way courage is close behind.

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