Monday, March 28, 2011

94) Teach children lessons - Forbearance

"If you suffer from a bad man's injustice, forgive him lest there be two bad men."
Saint Augustine.

The papers report crimes of different kinds - deception and cheating, molestation and rape, thefts and robberies, stabbings and shootings; the list is endless. The vile acts shock us and we are quick to condemn both the crime and the criminal. But have to stopped to consider that we are no less guilty?

We desire another man's wealth and scheme how to steal it from him. We lust beautiful women and women crave for virile men. We plot the downfall and death of those who harm us. The only difference is that we commit the crimes in our minds, others carry out their nefarious plots. We stop with the plan and fear to carry it out because of consequences. The truth is that we are partners in crime with those convicted. We are the shadow criminals.

We are watched by our children who are quick to pounce on those who err - sibling, classmate, teacher. They condemn others although they are guilty of the same faults. Unless they learn from us to forbear the wrongs of others, they will be held down by their double standards - viewing their own faults leniently and being merciless in pulling down others. Only forbearance will give them a balanced view.

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  1. "The truth is that we are partners in crime with those convicted. We are the shadow criminals."
    Very well said!! Growing up I had always believed in it (almost could've repeated your words in unison!)

    Much in the same vain, sometime back I had written on PT posts:

    I think, your role as a parent starts from the very first day of your child's life and continues till you say 'goodbye' to the world...once you become a parent you never stop worrying (you are in it for good!).

    The word 'quality' time is a misnomer. It is actually whatever time you spend around your child should be of 'quality'. Your child grows up watching you and learns from his environment.

    Thanks for refreshing and reiterating this point!