Wednesday, August 14, 2013

127) Learn Lessons - How to cope with adversity

"It is the fire of suffering that brings forth the gold of godliness."  Madame Guyon

Some years ago, my niece in Bangalore lost her nine year old son. For ten months before that, he was in and out of hospital. With a hole in his small heart and failing kidneys, he was in constant pain. Expensive drugs, heavy hospital bills, the stress and tension were taking their toll, yet my niece and her husband soldiered on. During his fifty fourth dialysis, Lionel died. For his parents, the end was a riddle, they could not solve. They could have complained and wailed at the unfairness of their son's death. Instead, they astounded us. My niece spoke of her son with great feeling, but added that life must go on. She had to get back to work and take her mind off her sorrow. And, Lionel's father was heroic when he said, "In suffering we find God".

How do we respond to adversity; to suffering? How do we cope with pain and sorrow? The way we do, will tell our children how they should manage pain when it comes, because no one escapes suffering; no one is happy on all counts. Are we preparing our children to face life taking the rough and smooth in their stride?

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