Monday, March 30, 2009

10) Positive Parental Instructions

"Good timber does not grow with ease. The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees."
Willard Marriot

Growing children are subject to two types of programming: Social Programming and Individual Programming. Social Programming happens through inputs children receive from parents, elders, teachers and others who have access to them. Individual Programming, which happens as the child grows and begins to reason, is the response the child works out to the Social Programming he received. With those inputs he chooses to agree or disagree or agree in part. The early years are crucial - the child is vulnerable and easily swayed by people he respects. That is why the role that parents play in the child's formation cannot be specifically defined - it goes beyond all boundaries and has an immeasurable impact on the child.

Let us look at a few positive instructions parents can give their children:
1) God comes first. His help is only a prayer away.
2) Family comes next.
3) Good schooling and college matter. They will make a difference at important times
in life.
4) A good name is better than riches. Riches perish, but a good name does not rust.
5) Health is wealth. It is only when you lose it that you know its true worth.
6) First you make your habits. Then your habits make you.
7) Your behavior speaks louder than the words you speak.
8) Win or lose, play the game right.
9) Caring for others makes us better human beings. We cannot touch the hearts of
others with anything less than our hearts.
10)Waste in any form is a loss. Time, talent, opportunity or others resources are
gifts from God; we have no right to waste them. Once lost, they do not return.
( Many such inputs can be given to children. This is just a short list.)


  1. The more we look at the best character forming principles in life, the more we are sure that the simplest, good old rules of living hold good. It is precisely such values that you have listed here so simply that make the 'secret' of good upbringing.

    It is surprising how many of us overlook these most basic norms of living. As they say society's good or evil comes from the family and the family is based on the individual. If everyone followed these values, we'd live in paradise! But sadly, things are so different.

    Everything has to be 'different' not 'same old'. Everyone wants to do things in a new way - forsaking the basic rule - you can't change the basics to suit you, that's why they are called the basics. Modern parents try to become 'friends' and try to 'be modern' without realizing that being modern can only be a variation (not a change) on the basics.

    Now who has time for a simple moral science insight. Everyone knows too much already! I hope that everyone reading this blog takes note with heart and mind - and tries to follow these basic values outlined here; the foundation of wisdom in parentng !

  2. Most times these days, life is made out to be more complex than it really is. 'Basics' are being ignored in today's age of 'super specialty'.

    Thanks for helping revisit the basics.