Thursday, March 5, 2009

3) Who is Little Joe ?

Who is Little Joe? Is he a biological product?

Science can explain how the body of Little Joe is formed in his mother's Womb. It can trace his growth from embryo to full grown babe. But it cannot explain how 'life' was breathed into that child. In fact, Science is confused over explaining 'life' itself. At some point in his growth,in his mother's womb, Little Joe receives 'life'. At that point he becomes an unique individual. In the whole wide world, Little Joe will not have a clone; because when God breathed 'life' into his body, He did not want to create a copy of someone else. He wanted Joe to be different; special. No one like Little Joe ever walked this earth before; no one like him will walk it again. That is how God works. Not Science. So biology,at best can explain a few things; then it stops. Without doubt Little Joe is a gift to his parents from a Merciful, All-Knowing and All-Powerful God.
So, caring for a child, God's Gift, is about employing the 'Divine' streak in parents. Parenting is therefore, not just a duty, or a responsibility, but an exalted vocation; different from all others; dignified and ennobled, beyond comparison. By its very nature it places on parents the responsibility to adapt to the needs of each child; because each is different; unique.
Parents, are we conscious and proud of our calling?

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