Thursday, February 13, 2014

133) Learn Lessons - Family unity

"If your family is harmonious all things will prosper."  Chinese saying.

Milo C. Jones was a small farmer in Wisconsin, USA. He worked hard, but made just enough for his family. Suddenly, he fell ill and was bed-ridden - paralyzed. He decided that his condition would not stop him from earning for his family. So, he declared: "From now on, you will be my hands and feet." He outlined his plan - they would cultivate corn and breed pigs. Corn would be fed to the pigs. They would be slaughtered young to be made into sausages. The sausages would be sold under their brand.
Jones Little Pig Sausages entered the market - it was 1889. Even today the brand is the best selling sausages in the USA.

What lesson do we learn? Let me repeat the Chinese saying: If your family is harmonious all things will prosper. Mrs Jones did not mourn the fate of her husband, and the children contributed their bit. The family pulled together as one. The adversity became an opportunity - and what an opportunity it became!

How do we cope when some form of misfortune besets us? Are we beaten? Do we complain about the weight of the cross? Or, do we decide, like the Jones family, to find the silver lining in the dark cloud? When the family - little ones included - work as one, there is no task that seems big. The next time we face a problem , let us solve it as a family and watch how misfortune flees through the back door.

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