Monday, February 3, 2014

The Heart Has Its Reasons
Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Just published my fifth book. Wouldn't you like to read it?

Available on Amazon at $ 7.99
E-book available on Kindle at $ 3.49
Publisher: Wolf Creek Press, Oregon, USA.
Paperback: ISBN 9781494788452
The heart, the seat of love, looks back to learn lessons and looks ahead in hope. When the lessons of the past become sentinels for the future, we profit.

In a simple and direct style, critical questions are asked and answered – without preaching – on how we can relate to God, others and ourselves.

This is a book that urges us to stop, pause and reflect – and change. To look upon a new horizon!

When you like what you read please tell others and post a review on Amazon.

Thank you. God bless.
Ignatius Fernandez

PS: Free download of the Kindle version is on February 8 and 9.

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